Excersize. We are over thinking it.

watermarkedJust Move Get this chalk art here.

A few weeks ago, I was playing with my daughter after work. I was chasing her up and down the hall way, letting her chase me in return, dancing with her, wrestling and even jumping. We did this for close to three hours before we both were tired and hungry. I woke up the next day sore. I could not remember what I did to cause my body to ache so bad. Then it hit me. I did a massive work out with out even realizing I was exercising!

It’s funny to me how our minds control how much physical activity we do or how hard we push our selves. I guarantee that if I would have been doing an equivalent exercise with weights or on a treadmill, I would have given up much quicker. But there is something about a child’s laugh that encourages me to keep moving.  I enjoy hearing that laugh. I enjoy playing with my girl.

What if we all found an exercise that made our hearts happy while we do it? I think the world would be much happier (and skinnier) if we did. Some people, just the act of exercising makes their heart happy. Others need to be chased by zombies or motivated by a brownie Just to get them to run down the street. What ever it is that makes you happy, do that. I found mine. I have two actually. Zumba and playing with my daughter. Others, like my friend Wendy, HATE Zumba. She’s in the military so she would much rather have some one screaming in her face to get her to move. (If someone did that to me, I’d pee my self. And believe me, No one wants that!) But intensity is what she enjoys most and she can motivate herself very easily.

We went to visit them over the summer for vacation. I went on two runs with her during the week we were there. The first one was with her four year old, the second was with our husbands. After our second run she said “You ran better with Addie yesterday!”

I admitted “It’s because I didn’t want to be shown up by a four year old.”  Shameful, I know.

She helped me by telling me how she motivates herself during a run. She finds an object that is close to her. She thinks “Okay, I just have to run to that sign”. When she gets to that sign, she doesn’t stop, she finds the next closest object “Okay, now I just have to run to that car”. She keeps doing this and before she knows it, she has just ran 2 miles. Now THAT is admirable.

Questions to think about:

1. What kind of exercise do you enjoy doing? Do you do it? If not, what is your reasoning?

2. What activities can we do to increase our physical activity but not really know we are exercising? Cleaning, yard work, rearranging furniture and playing with your kids are all examples.

3. How can you motivate your self to get moving?

Set a goal:If you haven’t already, find what motivates you. Is it a child’s laugh? Music? Intense physical trainers/friends? Mind tricks? What ever it is, DO THAT. Because you enjoy it! Who wants to do something they hate? No one.

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