5 tips to keep your grocery budget low.


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RECAP: Last week I showed you how my family does their budgets. Did you create your fist budget? What did you learn? Have you made your own family budget? Need help? Let me know! I’m an open book! I’ll tell you anything you want to know! Remember to stick to it, it took us six months to get organized! It’s not easy at first, but it is so worth it. When you get your feet planted, and get comfortable with your budget it’s like riding a bike. It just comes naturally after that.

Everyone always asks how we can manage our grocery budget. We spend $40 a week on groceries. That amount will cover me, my husband and our one year old.  I don’t have a family of 12. Nor could I make $40 work for that large of a crowd. But we always have left overs for lunch the next day. That $40 dollars goes a long way.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We go shopping weekly. If we don’t, food gets wasted and goes bad before we can use it. That is a WASTE of money.
  2. We only buy what we need. Seriously. If our recipe calls for ¼ cup onions, I buy the smallest onion I can find. And I’ll only buy one of them.
  3. We do our weekly menu plan around one kind of meat. Below are some examples of our weekly menu plan.
  4. We portion our meat so it goes further. When we buy large chicken breasts we slice them in half. Our whole family can be fed off of one chicken breast a night! Same with the ground beef! We buy the 10 lb log and can get 12 portions out of it. That $20 log will feed us for 12 nights!
  5. We menu plan by what we already have in the house. If we have 6 lbs of meat, we don’t need to buy any meat that week. We can focus on buying items like noodles, cream of chicken/mushroom soups, spaghetti sauce, and potatoes. You’d be surprised how many meals you can make when you only buy those ingredients. TONS!!
  • Chicken:

Chicken nuggets with homemade French fries

Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken fajitas

Chicken Breast and potatoes.

Chicken and rice casserole

  • Ground Beef:



Sheppard’s pie



  • Steak:  (We rarely do this one because the variations of what we do with our steaks are limited. But it is my husband’s favorite. A whole week worth of steak dinners?! What man wouldn’t love that?)

Steak Fajita’s

Steak and potatoes

Again, this is just how we do it. We don’t always do $40; sometimes (like this week) we have cleaned out everything that we have in our freezer and pantry so we have to buy meat and the stuff to go with it. So this week we are budgeting $50. Next time I go shopping, I will show you my list and walk through how we do it. Neither our fridge nor pantry is ever stocked with oodles of snacks and junk. Like I said, we only buy what we need. We will buy snacks for our daughter though, like goldfish, pretzels or teddy grahams. Those types of snacks are essential to have in the diaper bag at any given moment. But we don’t overdo it. I can see everything that is in my pantry at all times.

I used to shop at Wal-Mart and do the price matching option that they have, but I have found that Winco is pretty competitive in their pricing. Now it doesn’t take an hour to make a shopping list. Going through all those ads is a lot of work. But Winco made it easier for us so we take our business there.

I hope this helps. Next week I’ll walk you through our shopping process and show you what we buy and what we do.

See you tomorrow!

– Amanda

3 thoughts on “5 tips to keep your grocery budget low.

  1. Nice post. One of the things that lowered our family grocery budget was when my cooking skill went up. The better my technique and understanding got, the more I was able to change recipes, to make them cheaper, healthier and often tastier.

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