My first real Halloween experience as a mom.

Oh my. Last night was so fun! This isn’t my first Halloween as a mom, but last year, my baby was only one month old. So we didn’t trick or treat or do any thing fun. This year, we took her trick or treating. We only went to some friends and family’s houses to show off our cute lady bug! 🙂 Everyone loved her. Here’s pictures.


She is such a ham. Notice her first little tooth?






Every year, my mom decorates her house like a graveyard. It’s so spooky and fun! My uncle and some of their friends were over. You can hear them say “take your positions!” They hide in the bushes and scare you through an open window. What a riot! They love scaring the trick or treaters. And she gives out king size candy bars because she scares them. WHAT A FUN HOUSE TO GO TO FOR TRICK OR TREATING! My little lady bug was not even phased by the scary masks and decorations. She kind of had a “Psh you don’t scare me” type of attitude. She even pointed to a creepy severed head decoration and said “Daddy”. Weirdo. 🙂


We had a lot of fun last night trick or treating as a family. This is a fun tradition that I’m excited to start with her every year. 🙂 HOW FUN!!

Join me tomorrow for Social Saturdays! I have a fun local military event that I am featuring!


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