Weight loss. Gotta start some where.

I was so excited to tell you “I woke up a little earlier than normal to do an intense work out”. I had my awesomeness all planned out in my head while I was trying to get to sleep last night.

Unfortunately, our alarm clock did not go off this morning. My husband has to be to work at 4 am and we woke up at 3:21am by our selves. Normally we wake up at 2:30. So we were in a bit of a rush this morning. My week day schedule is that I start my blog post at 4 am sharp. So what I normally do in an hour and a half, I pulled off in 30 min, my husband made it to work on time and I still fit in a quick work out! We rock, I know.

My plan was to get up and do the Biggest Loser Kinnect game or Zumba. What ever one I chose, I wanted to do a 30 to 60 minute work out. Instead, since i was short on time, I did a 60 second plank (and by 20 seconds by abs felt like they were going to explode) and 60 crunches. This exercise took me all of 3 minutes and my abs are still feeling it!

In Jon Acuff’s book, Start, he says “Some beats none.” That quote came into my mind when I caught my brain trying to talk me out of a work out this morning. “I don’t have the time to exercise, shower and get everything ready”. Right? Wrong. My smart brain kicked in and said “Some beats none”. I had 3 minutes. I had to talk my self into it a little, but I had 3 minutes.

So when you think “I don’t have time”, readjust what you initially had planned, and fit in a quick work out. Your body will thank you.

I am going to try to lose some weight. I would normally be very quick to tell you how much I weigh. But our scale currently has no batteries. Dang.

When our scale died (6 months ago), I was weighing in at 173. Which I was quite impressed with my self because when I had my baby in September of 2012, I weighed 225 pounds.

By the time she was 7 months old, I lost 60 pounds. I didn’t mind tooting my own horn because I think that rocks. But when my scale died, I lost motivation. I did not have the accountability or any way to track my progress. So I quit. Stupid. I could have just went out and bought batteries… But I quit. And here we are 6 months later. I’m sure I have gained some weight back. I fell out of my awesome routines and eating habits. All because of batteries. Come on Amanda. That’s pathetic.

Regrettably, I cannot tell you how much I currently weigh because of my lack of batteries. But I can show you pictures and I can still set a goal.


Pre-pregnancy November 2011 – weighed 164 lbs


September 19, 2012 – Weighed 225 pounds (this picture hurts a little)


March 2013 Weighed 173


Most Recent: Halloween 2013 Estimating 188 pounds.

Goal: Weigh 140 pounds.

For goal purposes, we’ll estimate that I gained 15 pounds back. So I weigh 188. (I honestly think that’s pretty close to correct.)

To weigh 140, I need to lose 48 pounds. When I lost all that weight before, I realistically lost 2 pounds a week. 48 divided by 2 equals 24 weeks. So my goal is 48 lbs by April 21, 2014. (that’s 24 weeks from now). I’ll budget for batteries this week so I can weigh in every Monday and report back to you.

What is your goal? Remember, goals are measurable. You can say “I want to lose weight” But that usually doesn’t work. Set a realistic, mathematical, goal. Share your progress with me! I’d love to hear it!

Thanks for visiting! Join me tomorrow for Thinkin’ Tuesdays!

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