Work Smart, Not Hard

As much as it pains me to turn away jobs, and product suggestions, I have to be realistic.

I was asked if I could make burlap banners. It’s a product that I would love to be able to provide someday, but I need a sewing machine first. The quality would not be up to my standards with out the right equipment. I would end up working way harder than I needed to. Once I get a sewing machine and a Silhouette cutter, I’ll be custom making all sorts of fun cool stuff! 🙂 Which I am really, REALLY excited about. I feel a little limited now, but I’ll get there! It’s a growing process right?

I have lots of cool ideas, but I have to be smart. I can’t fiddle away my time and money on things that I realistically cannot do. That being said, I have to press pause for just a moment.


I have some exciting news, but I want to wait to tell every one until I have everything ready. I will temporarily be putting my new product designs and daily additions to my store on hold while I get things ready for a very BIG and EXCITING opportunity! During this time, I will be offering 15% off my existing products! Please use code BLOG15 at check out! You can check out my shop and the products available here.

Thanks for stopping by! Join me tomorrow for Thrifty Thursdays. I’ll show you what I buy when I grocery shop. 🙂


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