Keeping your grocery budget low. What to buy.

Last week, I told you our system and logic behind our menu planning and how we save money. This week, I want to show you what we buy.

Start with your list.


We write out all the things we plan to have for dinner this week. Then we look to see what ingredients we already have at home. We put the items that we need to buy on our list. (Don’t mind my spelling, Paper and pens don’t have spell check 🙂 ) We add things to the list as we are driving there, and sometimes while we are there. Don’t go over board though. Remember, you have a budget!

We shop at Winco. (yes, it is already snowing here)


Here’s some of the items we put in our cart. 🙂



Tuna is a great, cheap food. One can makes two sandwiches. That’s a whole .34 for lunch. Not bad.






We have oatmeal for breakfast. This large, regular oatmeal is great because you can flavor it the way you want. Peaches, maple and brown sugar, apple, banana. What ever you want. All three of us eat oatmeal for breakfast every day. One of these tubs lasts two to three weeks some times longer.



We have tried (on multiple occasions) a cheaper brand of bread. They tear easily and are always really dry. This is our favorite kind of bread. Brett likes the white, I like the wheat. We often rotate what one we buy so we get a variety.


As we grab our items, we write down all of the prices and how many of each item we got. This helps us to do the math prior to getting to the registers. This avoids those embarrassing “Oh, I don’t have enough money. Can we put that one back? Ok, now what is my total?” That is never fun. Plan ahead. Do your math before you get to the register. If you don’t have enough money, put stuff back. If you find that you are consistently putting stuff you really NEED back, you may want to adjust your budget.


We use our envelope system that Dave Ramsey sells. WE LOVE THIS THING! When your cash is gone, you are done spending. No exceptions. The one we have comes with the Financial Peace University kit. You can find other envelope systems here.

Our budget was $44. We were even under budget! 🙂 Image


Here is our loot. Doesn’t look like much. But this goes a LONG way! 🙂 Please feel free to ask questions! 🙂 I know lots of tips and tricks!

See you tomorrow for Family time Fridays!

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