I lost 13 lbs this week! Well, not really. But that sure would have been cool! Remember last week how I estimated I weighed 188? I was wrong. We bought batteries for our scale ($5) and I actually weigh 175! Mathematically, it feels like I lost 13 lbs. 😉

I’m going to readjust my goal since my estimation was a little off. My goal is still 140. To reach that goal, I need to lose 35 lbs. I told you last week that I have previously lost a ton of weight. When I did that I was eating pretty healthy and only exercising one day a week. Doing that, I lost 2-3 lbs a week. I’m going to push my self a little. I’ll try to exercise 3 days a week instead of one. I’m curious how quickly my body will respond to that. I’ve never been known to work out on a consistent basis. But you have to start somewhere. This is my start. 🙂

Lets pretend that by increasing my workouts, I can lose 4 lbs a week. According to my math, I can lose that weight by the first of the year. When I did this math, I thought “no way, that’s too quick.” But, how cool would it be if I could accomplish it? How awesome would I feel? I would be so proud of my self.

That’s the nice thing about goals, you can set your bar a little high. Once you have tried and tried again, and you realistically cannot do it, then adjust the bar.

So, here’s my plan. Work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday, be cautious of my portions and watch the fat content and calories in the food that I’m eating. I’ve been told by many people that keeping a food diary helps. I’ve tried it, and I cannot realistically do it. I keep better track in my head. I get frustrated when I eat something home made and there isn’t a clear label to count the calories. So I just be cautious of my portions and make an estimation. But you can’t dis it till you try it, so give it a whirl. It might work for you.


What are your goals this week? Are you pushing your self?

What’s stopping you?


See you tomorrow! 🙂


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