Falling Short

Well, I did not follow through with my weight loss goal this week. Dang. I hate when I don’t meet goals.

I decided that I’m trying to do too many new things at once. Previously I did zero exercise, didn’t eat healthy and hardly drank any water. Then with a snap of a finger I expected myself to do it all. Weight loss is not my only goal. My primary goal is an overall healthy lifestyle. I want to be able to play with my kids and not get winded. I want to be able to keep up with my husband when we go hiking. Weight loss would help to do all of those things, but that will come when I just take care of my self. I have to remember that the numbers won’t just appear on the scale. I have to work at it. This week, I didn’t really work at it. I lost ZERO pounds this week and was surprised when I stood on the scale. Seriously weighed in at the exact weight as I did last week. But, in all fairness, that will happen if I don’t try! You have to work at it, if it was that easy, every one would be in shape and physically active. I love the biggest loser! I get a ton of motivation from Tanya Winfield! She lost 4lbs, then zero lbs, then 3lbs. Then WHAM! She pulls out a 15 pound loss!! She never gave up. She pushed her self! Incredible!


I’m a big fan of baby steps. This week I’m just going to focus on making sure I get 64oz of water in a day. That is my primary goal. When I can consistently do that, I can focus on adding other portions of physical health to my daily routine. Starting all at once at the snap of a finger is unrealistic in my world. I will still try to exercise and eat right, but my goal is to focus on the water intake this week.

Baby steps. That’s how we took care of our financial life, that is how I will take care of my physical life.

What are your goals?

See you tomorrow!!



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