Messes < Memories


I learned something new about my sweet girl recently. SHE IS STILL LEARNING. (Duh, right?) We all know it, but we forget that they are still learning when our littles want to help us. We forget that they have never seen most of the stuff we see or do on a regular basis.


Lately, I’ve been letting my one year old help me with dinner. She is SUCH a good helper! I show her what to get out of the fridge, she grabs it and puts it down on the floor. I grab the bowl, bring it to the floor and talk her through how we cook and what I’m putting in there. She just LOVES IT! She just sits squats there and watches me. When it is time to mix, I make sure to grab two forks/spoons/whisks. And she helps stir!! I cannot believe how smart she is! You should see how excited she gets when I start getting ready to cook. She knows when I’m going to let her help.


On Sunday, we made a peanut butter chocolate pie for family dinner. Her favorite part was licking the bowl. 🙂


Some times it gets messy, but messes can be cleaned up. I’d rather make the memories. 🙂 This girl is my motivation. I ache to be a work at home mom. When I get discouraged with my job, I just have to tell myself “Soon, Amanda. Soon you’ll be home”. Until then, we’ll spend our evenings cooking together. 🙂


Thanks for visiting. 🙂 See you tomorrow!



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