$6 DIY Shelf

I’m the kind of person that would much rather put a ton of work into something and save a TON of money instead of buying it already made from the store. That being said, I decided to make my own shelf for Quilted Bear. I also want to express a sincere THANK you to all of my wonderful friends that helped with this!! Brett, Chelsea, Kevin, Patricia, Andrew. THANK YOU!! I love you all. Now that credit has been given, let me walk you through how we did this!

I found a ton of FREE wood on ksl.com. It just had these black things and some thick, AWFUL nails in it. I used my 2 door hatchback as a workbench on my lunch breaks. I got all of them off in 2.5 lunch breaks. 🙂



When we started, we brain stormed. This is what we came up with. Each board is 2×3. We put down 5 boards for the base of the shelf, and surrounded them with one each on the sides.


My sweet husband measured and cut all the boards to size. Short ones are 16″ Long ones are 3′ 6″.



Then we drilled the sides together and assembled the boards. (Thank you to Kevin for hanging out with Chelae during this time!)




Then we sanded it down and painted it. I just got the $2.98 sample paints from Home Depot.


We had our Friends Thanksgiving dinner while the paint was drying. After dinner EVERYONE came out to help! It was so fun to see all of my friends coming together to help me with this project. I REALLY FELT LOVED.

The boys assembled the rest of the boards, the girls painted.



After the paint dried, we sanded everything down to get that rustic, shabby chic look.

DSC_0927 DSC_0926
By this point, my daughter was getting grumpy. Patricia went inside to watch her, and my friends helped get her to sleep.
After she was asleep, we went back out to assemble the shelf.

After I broke, two of Kevin’s drill bits, I very gladly let him take over. He finished assembling the shelf and this is our final project.


I wanted a scattered type look to it, so the middle support beams are purposely off center. So this whole project cost $6. ($2.98 for two different sample paints from Home Depot) I’m very grateful for all of the love and support (and free labor) I have from my friends. They are so so wonderful!

The shelf will be displayed in my booth at Quilted Bear. Here are some things that will be displayed on it.


(I picked up some wrapping paper and corrugated magazine boxes. I wrapped them up to give them a face lift)

DSC_0937 DSC_0934

I’m excited to see the how everything comes together! Only 4 More days until I move into my booth!! 🙂

Thanks for visiting! See you tomorrow and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!



2 thoughts on “$6 DIY Shelf

  1. I am right with you! I’d much rather save money and spend a lot of time and effort (read: self-educating creative therapy) than buying something from the store. I love your shelf!

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