Leaps and bounds.

Have you ever felt like you hit a wall? Some times, if your not paying attention, you might just run right into one. I feel like I did that this week.


I know what you are saying: “Amanda, what are you talking about? Your Etsy sales keep coming, your blog readership keeps going up and you just got a booth at Quilted Bear. You are far from any wall”

Well when you put it like that, maybe I didn’t hit a wall. But it sure felt like it.

I started Motivated Decor on October 1st, 2013. The whole month of October, I was focused on getting my Etsy store out there. Then the whole month of November I was prepping for Quilted Bear. So December comes and I feel like I have nothing to shoot for. I moved into Quilted Bear and all of a sudden I’m not as busy because there are not as many things on my to do list. Plus, because I was so busy the last month, I felt that I  only put half the effort into my blog. I kept getting writers block. In my opinion, I hit a wall.

Then last night, my dear friend Patricia posted on Facebook that she has started her own blog. Her motivation? Me.

How inspiring! THAT is what I started Motivated Decor for! Not just to sell things, but to inspire and encourage people to get out and DO SOMETHING with their life. Make little improvements to become a better, happier YOU. I’m so proud of her. And I owe her a THANK YOU! I seriously felt that I was at a stopping point. I’m used to being so busy that when life calms down for a second, it puts me in a funk. She helped me realize that just because I’m not running around crazy, I am still making a difference. Even if it is just one life. One cute little mom out there that feels she is in a rut. I motivated her to start her own blog and DO SOMETHING with her life. That little blog she just started is her start to her journey. She has ambitions to start a business. I hope to be a mentor to her and help her design some things just for her. I hope to give her guidance and optimism as she learns what she wants to do.

That is no wall my friends. That means the world to me. If some one inspires you to do something, tell them. Tell the world! I promise it will be a honorable experience for your motivator. They will love hearing about it.




Leap over your wall. Set new goals.


Thanks for visiting.



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