A day at the salon.

My mom’s childhood friend is a hair stylist. What started out as a “cut only” for my mom turned into a whole day of cut and colors for all of us girls! My mom was VERY generous to pay for all of us to get this done. We did not get before pictures – I promise you did not want to see that any ways – But here are the after pics! 🙂


This is my baby sister Chloe. She has a very punky flare. This suits her very much!



I guess this can be Alyssa’s before pic. 🙂 Notice all the hair she cut off!



I LOVE THIS PICTURE OF HER!! 🙂 Very pretty. Her hair turned out great! 🙂




Me. 🙂 Love this new look.





My mom had the biggest transformation. So we draped the cape over the mirror. She had no idea what she was getting done. Pam surprised her. 🙂






All of us rockin’ our new do’s. 🙂



Giving credit where credit is due:

Pam for her wonderful hair styling!

Mom for paying for it!

My poor husband who stayed home with 4, 3 and 1 year old girls. By himself. HE ROCKS! I promised him that we won’t do that to him again. 🙂

Thanks for checkin’ us out. 😉



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