Detox your Finances

Have you seen this blog? I dig. A Lot!!

What an inspiration! We are very very anxious to be debt free! It will happen soon! We are very passionately pushing for summer/early fall of 2014. It’s crazy to think about, but we are so close! I love hearing other peoples financial success.

This story was exactly what I wanted to hear right now! 🙂

This is proof that you can overcome the impossible. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Reach for the stars. Aim for  the clouds. You will be so happy you did!

Thanks for reading!



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Creating Change 360

This is the last of the entries in the “detox” series.  I kind of saved the best for last because to me, THIS is the most important.

Of course it is, you say?  It’s what you do, you say?  Well, yes that is true.

But its more than that.

Because at this time last year, my business and this blog was still a work in progress.  I had only had the idea to start my own business in November of 2012.  Yes, that’s right, I had an idea in November, worked on developing, planning and how to market my business as well as building a website and writing business and financial plans during the month of December, 2012.

But the story doesn’t start there.  No, the story starts in December of 2009.

We were the typical American family – living in a mortgaged home with two car payments, 2…

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