Budgeting needs perspective.

I’m cheap. I know it, my husband knows it, all my friends know it.

I hate paying for things we don’t need. If we don’t NEED it to survive or stay clean, it’s an extra expense that I don’t think is necessary. Sometimes there are things that we need that I still don’t want to pay for. Like our current budget item – tires.

winter-tires-guide-300x199 (Picture via)

The tires on our car are absolutely bald. I’m surprised it passed safety just one month ago. When we had a bad snow storm here a few weeks ago, I tried following the curve of the road, my car had another idea. “Lets just go straight into the ditch in front of us and see if she can get out.” Well car, I did get out. But it scared the hell out of me.

So this week we are getting tires instead of paying off our medical bill. GAH!! That frustrates me. We seriously have a few hundred dollars left on this medical bill. It would be gone this week. I’m so ready to kick Intermountain Health Care to the freakin curb. But, if we don’t get tires, the curb will kick us. WE NEED TIRES and I’m still fighting it.

But, I’ll grunt and grumble and suck it up. This is a safety thing and the car that needs tires carries our little miss. It puts it into a whole new perspective when I think about her safety. I’ll gladly pay a couple hundred dollars to keep her safe over paying off the medical bill. As I wrote that last sentence, I realized it is kind of ironic; that medical bill is from when Chelae spent her first 7 days of life hospitalized for a serious infection. We paid several thousand dollars to keep her safe then and I didn’t even hesitate, so what’s a couple hundred bucks to keep her safe now? When I put it in these terms, I don’t have to fight my self at all. 🙂

IMG_0253 IMG_0264

I love this girl and I’ll do anything to keep her safe!

Are there purchases that you have to talk your self into? Sometimes it’s all about perspective. I didn’t have the right perspective till I put together this post.

What new perspective can you put on your dreaded budget item?

Thanks for reading.



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