Little reindeer



Our friends are in from out of state for Christmas. My husband and the other men went to The Hobbit for a guys night while Wendy and I stayed in with all the kids. We had a lot of fun!

We made these cute reindeer hats with them. Chelae didn’t like the paint on her hands but she let us do it.  We made a gingerbread house and painted the decorations on paper trees. Then we watched Lion King and Shrek 2. The kids loved running around after we hyped them up on sugar! 🙂 Cookies, Brownies and popcorn. They loved it since they don’t get that stuff very often. Wendy was great to put together all the crafts and plan for all the activities. 🙂

We had a fun night.

What activities do you like to do with your kids?


Thanks for reading!



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