We aren’t doing Santa Claus!

My friend posted this and I love it! It is a great post! However, I have different opinions. I commented the following on her post.

“We are doing Santa Claus. I loved the magic of Santa as a kid. There are ways that we will keep Christ in Christmas with out taking the imagination and magic away from our kids. Brett’s cousin says “Santa only brings 3 presents because that’s how many gifts Jesus got”. I heard about that after we bought Chae’s presents, but we intend to do that next year. You can also teach them the power of giving with out taking Santa away. One year, my sisters and I got really greedy. My mom said “NO MORE” after that, she made it a point to teach us what Christmas is all about. She’d talk with us about choosing a charity. She’d take us out and let us pick stuff out for the people we were helping. We were actively involved EVERY step of the way! Those are the Christmases that I remember most. The problem with greedy kids is not Santa. It’s all about what parents do with the rest of the holiday season. If kids aren’t shown the magic and power of the REAL Christmas season, they will be greedy. Santa is just a reflection of the parents, it can be done right without taking the magic out of Christmas morning that Santa brings to your home. I’m excited to see what you guys come up with as your family grows. Different traditions are what make each family so special. :)”

What is your view on Santa? Do you maybe go a little overboard? Could your Christmas be toned down a little next year? Curious to hear what others think. 🙂

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Alright I can hear some of you saying… “Well how are you going to do that?” or ” That’s going to be hard!”

I’ll tell you why. These are my reasons.

1. Christmas isn’t about Santa or getting presents because you’re good. There are TOO MANY kids these days in the mind set “I want this! I want that!” They forget what’s important. In addition the parents also get lost. I’m sorry, but for those who don’t believe in Jesus, He’s the reason we celebrate. Sorry to break it to you…. 😉

2. I don’t want my kids to be so disappointed like I was when I found out Santa wasn’t real! I’m afraid that they will lose trust in me because I lied to them to get them to be good.

How are you going to go about those who do believe in Santa, you ask? I’ll tell you.

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