We gave our kid financial knowledge for Christmas.

I loved LOVED Christmas morning! 🙂 Last year, Chae was so small; Christmas was SO simple.


Last year we seriously just took things from around the house and called them presents. haha. She’s so cute hidden in that swing.

Here’s the pictures from this years Christmas:




We bought her Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Jr. Monster pack for $49. When I told a friend of mine that’s what we were getting her, she said “Already? She’s only 1!” Oh ya! We are starting early.

Chae now has a chore chart and a commission. Brett and I decided what chores she should get paid for and how much she should get paid. Each chore is very simple and the pay scale is appropriate for a one year old. She helped put the wrapping paper in the trash, so she gets 5 cents!





We read story’s to her every night. So I’m excited about these books. They are a little long for her right now, so she looses interest. I just paraphrase to get the point until she is a little older. After all, this pack is meant to be for ages 3-12. She is only 15 months old.



We all enjoyed the Piggy banks most! She has 3. They each say “Give” “Save” or “Spend” on them. The money that she put into it is the money that has been given to her throughout her life. $3 Grandma Layne gave her last year for Christmas, $5 Grandma Layne gave her this year for Christmas, $5 Grandpa Rex gave her this year for Christmas, 2 $0.50 pieces she got when Grandpa passed away, and a pocket full of change she got when she was trick or treating this year. Brett and I saved it for her because this is HER money. It was fun to watch her put the money in the banks. We helped her put 10% into the “Give” (green) bank for tithing. She picked what banks she wanted the rest of it to go into. She put it all in “Save” (purple). THAT’S MY GIRL! It could have been the way we placed the banks in front of her, but that wasn’t intentional. I was a proud mom. The money will stay in there till she’s old enough to understand what it means and how she wants to use her money. Until then, it’s great fine motor skills. 🙂


I’m really excited to start teaching her these awesome life saving and simple skills. She is loving it so far!

Thanks for reading!



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