Valentines? Already?!

I feel like holidays just come up on us so fast. We just barely got done with Christmas and now we are throwing around Valentines stuff at the stores. I’ve never really understood it until I looked at it from a retailer perspective. Putting products out for just a couple weeks before that holiday really can hurt your sales and your business. You have to put stuff out early if you want to sell it in time for the upcoming holiday. Makes sense when you think of it from that perspective. I’ve started designing my Valentines Decor. I really like them. 🙂

Tell me what you think!

wm how sweet it is to be loved by you


shut up and kiss me

You can purchase these digital files for only $3 at my Etsy shop! (Buy the Chalk art here and the color file here) On Monday, I’ll show you a really cute idea that you can do with these files to decorate for the upcoming season. Thanks for visiting! 🙂 Please leave feed back so I know where and how to make improvements.

What would you do with these files? Where would you put them? What other items or quotes would you like to see me offer?



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