Measure your weight loss goals – BIGGEST LOSER STYLE!

WATERMARKEDBig goals require big backbone

I don’t have new years resolutions. I have goals. I always have goals. It’s a constant thing I’m doing. Since I have so many goals, I could bore you for hours how I plan to address each one. So for now, I’m going to address how I plan to lose weight. 🙂 Like all other Americans, this is a goal that is focused on very intensely in January and sometimes into February. Unfortunately it wears off before we are even 1/4 of the way through the year.

While I am always trying to set goals, I will admit that I have more focus in the month of January. It’s in the air. So lets address it.

Goals are specific and measurable. The first step to losing weight is healthy eating. Set yourself a calorie budget for each day. According to the Biggest Loser book that I’m reading, “Simple Swaps”, your calorie budget should be your current weight times 7.


I currently weigh 175.

175 x 7 = 1225 total calories to eat in one day.

In this book, they also address when you should eat how many calories. I eat 3 small meals with 2 snacks in between. Biggest Loser suggests that you take your total calorie budget and divide it by 4. In my case, that is 306.25. 1/4 of my calorie budget goes to each of my meals and 1/8 of my calorie budget (153.13) goes to each of my snacks. I’m going to bag the decimals. Too hard to keep track with all of that. I’ll round it down.

To break it out, let me show you the plan:

Breakfast – 306 calories allowed

Snack – 153 calories allowed

Lunch – 306 calories allowed

Snack – 153 Calories allowed

Dinner – 306 Calories allowed

Total calories – 1224

Lately I’ve had some really yummy and healthy snacks and meals! 🙂 I rented the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook and the Biggest loser quick and easy cook book from the library! There are some great recipes in there and they are very low in calories! 🙂 The books also teach you what foods contain what nutrient sources. Very helpful! 🙂

watermarkedJust Move

Second step to weight loss is exercise.

My friend made my day when she told me her resolution was to get on a work out plan with ME. Out of all her friends she distinctly said ME. 🙂 That made me feel good. So we started. We will get together Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to exercise. Monday, we did Pilates and some cardio (Just dance 4) 🙂 Last night, my husband and I worked out too. He had the genius idea to do 15 seconds of pushups. Rest. 15 seconds of sit ups. Rest. 15 seconds of Mountain climbers. Rest. Then move all exercises to 30 seconds. Then 45. Then one minute. Then we went backwards. One minute. 45 seconds. 30 Seconds. 15 seconds.  Boy it wasn’t fun during, and my arms are killing me, but it was so worth it! I also jogged in place for 5 minutes on my lunch break today. I got some weird reactions by the boys in the break room, but I don’t care. I do what I want. 🙂

Julie said we should set realistic mini goals to achieve the overall big goal. My overall weight loss goal is 125 lbs by the time we get stationed with the Air Force (estimating beginning of August) – 50 lbs in 7-8 months! Our mini goal is 5% of our weight by Feb 3. I have to lose 8.75lbs to achieve the mini goal. I think that is more than doable in one month! I plan to smoke that goal! 🙂 If I lose 5% a month until we move, I will be at 122! Perfect healthy weight to start trying for another baby! 😉

It’s amazing what putting a written plan in place will do for your motivation! Get moving. Eat healthy. Set goals.


be the best version of you




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