Sick little ones

Oh man. My poor little girl has been so sick this week. It aches me to see her so miserable.

On Wednesday, I was ready to go to work, all I had to do was wake Chae up and take her to daycare. Pffft. Like that happened. I walked into her room and WHAMO I got hit in the face with the most awful smell in my entire life. I turned the light on and saw my poor baby girl sleeping in the most nasty bed ever. She had diarrhea that had leaked through her diaper. It was all over her bed! Oh and did I mention the vomit? I have to admit, she’s pretty smart. there was one section of her bed that she did not dirty up. She was sleeping there. That made me feel a little better. But poor thing, I seriously had no idea how long her bed had been like that. She didn’t wake up at all the night before and went to bed with out any fight. I still felt like the worst mom in the entire world. I immediately picked her up, stripped her down and put her in the tub like I was a pro throw up/diarrhea cleaner upper.

My sweet girl is so gentle natured though. She didn’t cry or complain, she just said “Hi Momma” and very happily got in the tub. I’m a lucky mom. Here that, I’m lucky and I spent the day cleaning up vomit and diarrhea. LUCKY! 🙂 I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The rest the day was spent snuggling and aiding to her needs. No work for me. She seemed to progress through out the day. She was running and playing and by mid-day no more vomit or diarrhea. I consulted our baby sitter and she said she was good to come by on Thursday.

To my surprise, I had a phone call from my sitter on Thursday around 10. Chae had been coughing and she seemed to be having a hard time breathing. I met my husband over at her house and we decided it wasn’t too concerning, she just sounded congested. My husband took her home.

Later that night, it was a bit more concerning to me. We took her to the after hours clinic that our pediatrician partners with. Chae has croup.

One. thing. after. another.

Man oh man. We took her to the Dr. on Thursday. They gave her a breathing treatment and some steroids and sent us on our way after all questions were answered.

She’s on the mend now. We are grateful it was just  few days of sickness. Hopefully that will be it for the rest of the winter season. I’d like to hope for the year, but we’ll see how it goes.


Thanks for reading.





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