Get to know me.


I’m Amanda. About me? My husband and I have been married since 2010 and we are the proud parents of a one year old raging ball of fun. My husband works for the local hospital and will be heading to basic training for the United States Air Force in March. I have a full time job (aside from being a mom, wife, blogger and small business owner) While I love my day job, it’s not my passion.

I started this blog and business with the goal to become a stay at home mom. That was initially the driving source, but as I got into this a little further, I learned something new about my self. I’m a reader. I love non-fiction. I’m always finding ways to motivate myself and do something meaningful with my life. As I was reading Dave Ramsey‘s book {Entreleadership}, something stuck out at me. He mentioned the 7 Key areas of life. In order to have a balanced life, we should always strive to improve in the areas that we are lacking. It’s unfortunate that most lives are wasted away in front of the television. Or the internet. Or the newest mobile gadget. The “waste of time list” can go on and on. My goal is to provide inspiration to improve in an area in your life that you may feel is lacking. Join me daily for the newest post and topic. I will rotate through the 7 areas of life throughout the 7 days a week. Each post will have tips and tricks on improving your life as well as new products and designs.

Please join me on this en devour as we walk down the road to awesome.


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