Finally loosing weight!

YOU GUYS!! I’m doing it! I’m finally loosing weight! Recently I posted about all my struggles, and falling short of my goals. Well, I have overcome my challenges! The trick? Diet. And no, I do not mean “going on a diet”. Fad diets do not work. Healthy eating works. My overall daily diet has changed dramatically. I finally have put my self in control of what I’m eating.

Breakfast includes: Fresh fruit, egg whites mixed with veggies, one slice of whole wheat toast and a glass of fat free milk.

Lunch: Fresh fruit, Steamed Chicken and veggies. Water to drink.

Dinners: Chicken, veggies and fruit. Water to drink.

Snacks (2 a day): Depending on my mood, I eat some low fat, 100 calorie yogurt with fruit and granola, string cheese, veggies, fruits. Any of those options work well for me. Water to drink.

My secret to saving money on produce and getting a good variety? By only produce that is on sale. The same produce options are not on sale every week. It changes all the time. Get a good variety and save money by buying what’s on sale!

I’ve been really trying to focus on this since January 6th. That is when my friend and I decided to exercise together 3 times a week. It has been 2 weeks of clean eating, and consistent exercise. I have lost 8 pounds! 🙂 It has been a long time since I was in the 160’s! I’m currently 167! I weighed 164 when I got pregnant with my daughter. That was the last time I was this small.

Rock it out. (Happy dance).

I’m very proud of my discipline and hard work. I’m starting to see the benefits. I cannot wait to share the before and after pictures with you! 🙂


Thanks for reading!



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